Nights in Bengkulu along Tabot Festival

Night of "Tabot Besanding"  (Tabots Gathering)

Along the tabot festival in Bengkulu, the night is becoming brighter, more colorful and crowded of visitors. This is because there is always something new, something different in each night along those ten nights of Tabot Festival. If you lose one of them, you cannot find it again in other night until next year festival.

Dancing Contest in Tabot Festival 2011

The local dancing contest is one among many events that takes place on Tabot Festival in Bengkulu Indonesia 2011. This contest is joined by many Bengkulu dance groups. Theme of the dance performed by those groups in this contest is related to the tabot ceremony background. The contest was held from November 28 - 29 night of 2011.The performers were amazing. The dancing were ornamented with the amazing Bengkulu percussion music - The Dol- as its music background. The next amazing contest is Dol (music percussion from Bengkulu) contest which will be held on December 2 or 3. Here are some photos of the dancing contest event at Tabot Festival Bengkulu Indonesia.

My shots - Landscape

Landscape Photo Collection I took around Bengkulu Indonesia. Click at the picture to see at larger view.

Tabot Festival In Bengkulu Indonesia

Tabot festival in Bengkulu Indonesia

Once every year of arabic calendar, Tabot festival is held in the city of Bengkulu Indonesia  from 1st  to 10th day of its first month (Muharram).  On  this year (2011) this event will be held  on November 27 to December 6. This festival is so attractive. In ten days in Bengkulu city, there are different rituals will be held to complete the ceremony of Tabot every day. The festival would also feature performing arts, markets, craft fairs, and various competitions such as decorative wagon, Dol (big local drum) contest, regional dance contest, and various other arts events. 

Animal with the World's Largest Weapon

Fiddler Crab of Bengkulu Indonesia

If we compare the size of the body  and  its weapon from an animal, such as comparing between the rooster body with its spurs, rhino or deer with its horns or elephant with its tusks, it can be seen that the size of the weapons they have relatively much smaller than their body size. But for fiddler crab, the size of its claw is much larger than its body size. So we can state that this animal if compared to its body size has the largest weapon size of all animals in the world.

A Close Up views of the newest blooming of Rafflesia Arnoldii Flower From Bengkulu-Indonesia

This is the newest bloom of Rafflesia Arnoldii flower in Indonesia. This flower is starting to bloom on November 9th and estimated to last on November 14th 2011. This time the size of the flower is much smaller than October blooms which is 100 cm diameter, this flower is only 80 cm diameter. It also from different spot of the previous bloom, separated about 50 m. The location of this flower is about 300m down the jungle from the asphalted road 52 km from the city of Bengkulu in the Bukit Daun Protected Forest of Bengkulu Indonesia.
In this post, I treat the uploaded images a little bit different in size. They are using 1024x768 pixel rather than i usually use the 640x480 pixel, so maybe it will affect the speed page when viewing this post.

Two Cultivated Amorphophallus Titanum Successively Bloomed Outside their Habitat In Bengkulu Indonesia

Bengkulu Forest Botanical Garden of Bengkulu Forestry Service has successfully flowered two cultivated Amorphopallus titanum (Titan Arum) in Bengkulu City apart from of their habitat in Kepahiang Regency of Bengkulu Province.The first flower bloomed on October 28, located at the Bengkulu Forest Botanical Garden about 10 km from city central. The size of this flower measured to be 2.80 m tall. Meanwhile, the second flower bloomed today (November 8) located at the office backyard of Bengkulu Forest Botanical Garden about 4 km from city central and has the size of 2.00 m tall.

Six Years Old Girl Got Killed by Sumatran Tiger at Bengkulu Indonesia

Gallery of Bengkulu-Indonesia I A devastating news comes from a small village in Kepahiang regency Bengkulu Indonesia. A Sumatran Tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) is reported by the local newspaper had atacked and killed a six years old girl named Fitriani  in his parents' plantation on Saturday morning November 5th. The attacking of this wild tiger happened while this poor young girl were playing with her brother out side her parent’s hut in her father’s plantation.

The father of the victim named Yudin told that the size of the tiger which attacked his daughter was about the size of local cow. He estimated that the lenght of this tiger was about 120 cm length. With the tears in his eyes he told that at that morning  his daughter  along with his son was following their mother to go to their plantation. This plantation located at the forest area in Kepahiang regency. As they arrived to the plantation, his wife then doing some usual farming activities behind their hut while her children playing ball at the front of the hut.

Sungai Suci Beach Central Bengkulu Regency Bengkulu Indonesia

"Mummy face" at Sungai Suci Beach Central Bengkulu Regenci, Bengkulu - Indonesia

Sungai Suci Beach is located in the Village Pasar Pedati, District of Pondok Kelapa, at the Central Bengkulu Regency. Central Bengkulu Regency is one between 10 Regencies of Bengkulu Province, it is different from Bengkulu City. The location of Sungai Suci beach is about 12 km from Bengkulu City central to the north of Bengkulu Province.

Walking on the Coral Reef at Bengkulu City Beach

This is not an everyday scenery in Bengkulu city beach. The coral reef around Bengkulu City especially the northern part of Pantai Panjang Beach to Sumur Melele beach Bengkulu Indonesia sometimes seem to emerge to the sea surface caused by the low tide that comes lower than usual. The scenery of emerging coral reef, not only bring the fascinating panorama of Bengkulu beach, but also attracting people to go to the beach searching some sea product such as oysters, crabs and shells.
All the images in this post is taken around midday at Sumur Melele beach when this lower tide happens.

7200 Miles Away From Home to My Town: The Whimbrel Amazing Journey

A group of Whimbrel (Numineus phaeopus) spotted at Bengkulu beach on October 29th, 2011

I see a group of around 20 birds flying and finding their food around my town’s beach recently.  Seem to me this kind of bird is unusual, because i never met this kind of bird before since i was a kid. Then i surfed  the internet to find out what  kind of this bird is. It amazed me to know that this bird is the whimbrel (Numenius phaeopus).  What makes me amazed is how these birds travel such a long way (7200 miles !) from their home to the place they never knew  with just that  long bended bill and long leg as their  only capital to travel.  

Sumur Melele Beach of Bengkulu - Indonesia

Sumur Melele Beach Bengkulu Indonesia

Sumur Melele beach is situated between Pantai Panjang beach and Tapak Paderi beach in city of Bengkulu Indonesia. This beach is about 1km from the city central of Bengkulu. This beach is a unique beach at Bengkulu city, because it has more coral reef than other part of Bengkulu City beach. 

Spectacular Ornamental Plant: Furcraea foetida in Bengkulu - Indonesia

Furcraea foetidas those were blooming at University of Bengkulu, 2007

This is a kind of a spectacular ornament plants.  It is because not only it takes a larger area of your garden, but also, when its bloom, it will produce a very tall flower's stalk (inflorescence). The flower' s stalk of this plant can reach 40 ft (12 meter) high !!!.

The Dam of Seluma Bengkulu - Indonesia

Dam of Seluma - Bengkulu - Indonesia
This dam is located at Seluma Regency about 60 km from the capital city of Bengkulu to the south. This dam was built in 1982 in the era when Soeharto was the president of Indonesia. The purpose of this dam is to support the rice farming irrigation system in Seluma which coverage an area of 8,000 Hectars. It is the biggest dam out of three dams built in Bengkulu Province for irrigation, the Air Majunto Dam -  in the Muko-Muko regency and The Air Nipis Seginim Dam - in southern Bengkulu Regency.

Mudskipper (Periophthalmus argentilineatus) Around Bengkulu River

Mudskipper in Bengkulu - Sumatra - Indonesia

Actually i want to give the title for this post is "God, Tell Me Who I Am". It because this poor animal is an abnormal kind of fish. It is fish, but not live in the water, it is not amphibian because its totally not resemble any of them. The most approximate resemblance to this fish is the froglet without leg. It seem that the evolution for this species had stopped before it reached its end. The best way to describe this species is "the species that got stuck in the middle of evolution". I try to find the species name of our guest here, and the most similar kind goes to Periophthalmus argentilineatus.

Hauling Beach Seines at Bengkulu Beach

beach seine
Towing a beach seine at Bengkulu Beach. In local language it is called "maelo pukek"
Hauling beach seines is one of some Bengkulu's fishermen methods to catch fishes from the beach. This method has long been existed in Bengkulu, maybe before Indonesian Independence the fishermen of Bengkulu had acknowledged to this method. I still remember when i was in kindergarten we were taught to sing a local song entitled "Yo botoy botoy" that describing the hauling beach seines culture at Bengkulu beach.

The Largest Flower in the World : Rafflesia Arnoldii from Bengkulu - Indonesia

rafflesia arnoldii
Rafflesia Arnoldii the biggest flower originated from Bengkulu-Sumatra-Indonesia

Have you ever seen the biggest flower in the world ???. Well, i'm so lucky to be able to see this october blossom of Rafflesia Arnoldi. On October 9th, 2011, i had the occasion to visit the site of Raflesia Jungle at Bukit Daun protected forest, in the regency of Kepahiang Bengkulu Province. This is my first time in life to see lively the biggest flower in the world which happen to be only in my Province, Bengkulu-The Land of Rafflesia.The site is situated about 50 kilometers from the capital city Bengkulu, or about 60 minutes drive.

Keramunting (rhodomyrtus tomentosa) - Gooseberry Around Bengkulu

Keramunting (rhodomyrtus tomentosa) around the city of Bengkulu

In USA they call it Downy Rose Myrtle, in some other countries they call it ceylon hill goose berry meanwhile In Bengkulu-Indonesia we call it Keramunting. It is some kind of berries that used to very popular among the kids in Bengkulu-Indonesia around 80s. It  because of this berry could be found easily everywhere in Bengkulu. Almost in every bush in Bengkulu has groups of kramunting shrub. But now, this fruit is so hard to find because almost every kramunting bush had been opened and transformed into residences. Now only a few places in the city of Bengkulu that has Keramunting shrub, one of them in Rawa Makmur bush, 2 km from city central. 
Here is the photographs of searching the Keramunting in Bengkulu

The Amazing Sound of DOL - Traditional Drum From Bengkulu

Dol is a traditional music instrument from Bengkulu-Indonesia. It is a typical of percussion instrument which shaped like a big drum. Dol is made of wood which is pierced in the middle and then covered with cow husk. Its diameter is about 70 - 125 cm, and its beater appliance has 5 cm in diameter and 30 cm in length. The way of using it is by lapping it.

Cast Net Throwing at Sungai Hitam River Bengkulu

Cast net throwing at Sungai Hitam (Black River) Bengkulu -Indonesia
Maybe this is the fastest method in catching the fish. A cast net (Indonesian Language called jala) is very common for Indonesian fishermen or fishing hobbyist  as a mean to catch fishes from the shallow and free of obstruction water.  A basic cast net is a circular net with weighted edges. The net is attached to a line so that it can be retrieved, and another line is attached to a drawstring which can be used to pull the net closed, trapping fish inside. It is operated by throwing it  in such manner  that it could spread out on the water, sink and trap the catch. Anything could be catched by cast net as long as the size of the catch is bigger than its mesh

Photo Gallery of Historical Places In Bengkulu - The Remains of British Soldiers and Civilians in Bengkulu

Thomas Parr Monument - built in 1808
Thomas Parr Monument - This monument was built in 1808 as the grave for British Resident of Bencoolen (Bengkulu) Thomas Parr who was murdered in December 27 1807 by local civilian as the result of bad relationship between local rulers and EIC (East Indian Company) servants. But as the British administration worried about security of the remain, the remain of Thomas Parr then removed to Fort Marlborough. The monument still stand with its original state altough many big earthquakes happened in Bengkulu from time to time, except that the surrounding of the monument is renovated by Bengkulu's government in 2010

Photo Gallery of Historical Places In Bengkulu - Traces of The British Empire in Bencoolen 1685 - 1825

Fort Marlborough - Bencoolen - Indonesia

Built in 1714-1719 on an area of 44.000 square meters, Fort Marlborough was the second strongest fort built by British in the east after Fort George in Madras, India. The name of this fort  was chosen by Joseph Collet (Appointed Deputy Governor of Bencoolen) in honour of John Churchill, a famous British commandant who was given degree "Duke of Marlborough." Additional construction were made in 1759

Photo Gallery of Pulau Tikus (Mouse Island) Bengkulu

Pulau Tikus (Mouse Island) Bengkulu - Indonesia

Pulau Tikus (Mouse Island) is located at about 15 km from City of Bengkulu coast to the west. It is a small island surrounded by the coral reef. Pulau Tikus island can be reached from Bengkulu by boat for about 45 minutes drive. This island is clean and beauty especially the water, the water is very clear so that you may see some fishes swimming around the coral which surround this small island clearly. It is part of Bengkulu tourism destination especially for tourists which have great interest in snorkelling, diving and fishing.

Photo Gallery of Tapak Paderi Beach Bengkulu

tapak paderi
A small yacht approaching Tapak Paderi Beach

Tapak Paderi beach is located near the central of Bengkulu City. It is only about 500 meters from Bengkulu's Governor House. Tapak paderi beach is the location where the famous British's Fort Marlborough lies. Tapak Paderi beach once were the harbor of Bengkulu until 1985. It was the central of governance and economic activity center ever since the history of Bengkulu until that time. There are many memories of Bengkulu written and painted by local or international authors those put Tapak Paderi beach as it background place to describe Bengkulu at those times. 
Tapak Paderi beach maybe was the only recreational place for the British people when they occupied Bengkulu from 1685 to 1825.It is the place which witnessed the love stories of almost all couples of City of Bengkulu's people from time to time. Now Tapak Paderi beach is no more the only beautiful place in Bengkulu, but its charisma still planted at the hearts of Bengkulu's people as the number one beautiful historical place and beach in Bengkulu.

Bengkulunese Dance Video

Some Bengkulunese dancers doing rehearsal

copyright 2011 Nurul Iman Supardi
Bengkulu - Indonesia

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Photo Gallery of Pantai Jakat Beach Bengkulu

Pantai Jakat Beach in the morning

Pantai Jakat beach is located about 1 km from the city of Bengkulu. This beach is situated right at the bay of Bengkulu. Being a beach of this position gives Pantai Jakat Beach an advantage of calmer wave then other Bengkulu beach. That's why many fishermen anchor their artisanal fishing boats here. With the arc coast shape, pantai Jakat beach give a beautiful wide panorama. And also, this is the place where many visitors crowded in the beach every afternoon in Bengkulu. This beach is a suitable place to play in the water. It safe and clean, and also you can hire a cheap buoy around the beach.

Photo Gallery of The Black River: Sungai Hitam Kota Bengkulu

Spruce Trees at  Sungai Hitam  beach Bengkulu City

Photo Gallery of Capital City of Bengkulu Indonesia

The Horse Statue at Simpanglimo 
Bengkulu City is the capital of Bengkulu Province - a province that situated at the west coast of Sumatra Island. This city is a small town with the population around 300.000 people. Even it just a small town, but the history of Bengkulu is cited in international old document as the part of area included in Anglo-Dutch treaty 1824 (Tractat of London). Before the treaty, Bengkulu was the central of British East Indian Company (EIC)trading and garrison in south east Asia. British then built a huge fort -Fort Marlborough- in 1714 the second largest British Fort in Asia.

Photo Gallery of Pantai Panjang Beach of Bengkulu - Indonesia

Long Beach of Bengkulu : Pantai Panjang
Pantai Panjang Beach is a long clean white sand beach that stretched along 10 kilometers coast of Bengkulu City. This beach is only 2 km from the central city of Bengkulu. Pantai Panjang beach offers many beach experience which made this beach highly preferred by family tourist to come. The city road that run along the beach also give an exquisite experiences for a traveler seeking peaceful and relaxed time at beaches.

Photo Gallery of Lake Danau Dendam Tak Sudah Bengkulu

danau dendam tak sudah
Fisherman at Lake Danau Dendam Tak Sudah Bengkulu, Indonesia
Danau Dendam Tak Sudah (the "Unforgiven Lake") is man made lake situated 2 km from the city central of Bengkulu - Indonesia. This lake was built in around 1930s by the Dutch Authority in Bengkulu. This lake covering an area of 11.5 hectars and had been set as a natural reservation in Bengkulu City as the part of 577 hectars area of Danau Dusun Besar natural reservation.