Keramunting (rhodomyrtus tomentosa) - Gooseberry Around Bengkulu

Keramunting (rhodomyrtus tomentosa) around the city of Bengkulu

In USA they call it Downy Rose Myrtle, in some other countries they call it ceylon hill goose berry meanwhile In Bengkulu-Indonesia we call it Keramunting. It is some kind of berries that used to very popular among the kids in Bengkulu-Indonesia around 80s. It  because of this berry could be found easily everywhere in Bengkulu. Almost in every bush in Bengkulu has groups of kramunting shrub. But now, this fruit is so hard to find because almost every kramunting bush had been opened and transformed into residences. Now only a few places in the city of Bengkulu that has Keramunting shrub, one of them in Rawa Makmur bush, 2 km from city central. 
Here is the photographs of searching the Keramunting in Bengkulu

Ahmad shows the way into the bush of Keramunting. It is located at Rawa Makmur village about 2 km from the city central.

The height of Keramunting shrub is variated from 0.5 m to 2m. Sometimes you have to knee down to search for the ripe fruit even you are a kid

Some time you should looking up to find the ripe keramunting.  Ripe keramunting is often hidden behind the leaves.

The ripe keramunting gooseberry is coloured purple, and it taste....

ummmmm...yummy. Keramunting ready to be eaten

copyright : Nurul Iman Supardi

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