Sumur Melele Beach of Bengkulu - Indonesia

Sumur Melele Beach Bengkulu Indonesia

Sumur Melele beach is situated between Pantai Panjang beach and Tapak Paderi beach in city of Bengkulu Indonesia. This beach is about 1km from the city central of Bengkulu. This beach is a unique beach at Bengkulu city, because it has more coral reef than other part of Bengkulu City beach. 

Kids is running toward the water as the tide going low at Sumur Melele beach

Just like Pantai Panjang beach, Sumur Melele beach is typically a white sand beach that makes kids really like to play there. For the kids, the coral reef also give the advantage of the forming shallow and clear pond like region between coral reef and shore when low tide happens.

Fishing at the edge of coral

When low tide happens, the coral reef that lied below the surface seem to emerge to the surface, it makes the fisherman is enable to fish further toward the sea. Sumur Melele beach is the preferred beach for hobbyist to fish there.

Looking for the baits

The advantage for the fishing hobbyists to go fishing in this beach is, they can search for the bait when the coral reef merges on the surface. Besides, some crabs or shells are trapped at the small pond formed on the coral reef.

The water slowly vanish from beach shore as the low tide take place

When the low tide take place, the water surface  will slowly go down, then the beach will looks wider.

The shore getting wider..much wider at Sumur Melele beach at the low tide
But sometimes, the low tide is happen faster and lower than usual,  it makes the traditional fishing boats those anchoring at the surrounding reef will get stuck on the reef.

Two traditional fishing boats got stuck at the coral reef

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