The Dam of Seluma Bengkulu - Indonesia

Dam of Seluma - Bengkulu - Indonesia
This dam is located at Seluma Regency about 60 km from the capital city of Bengkulu to the south. This dam was built in 1982 in the era when Soeharto was the president of Indonesia. The purpose of this dam is to support the rice farming irrigation system in Seluma which coverage an area of 8,000 Hectars. It is the biggest dam out of three dams built in Bengkulu Province for irrigation, the Air Majunto Dam -  in the Muko-Muko regency and The Air Nipis Seginim Dam - in southern Bengkulu Regency.

The location of the Dam of Seluma is close to the western trans sumatera main road, so it can be seen from the road while we travel from Bengkulu to the southern part of Sumatera regions.

the Dam of Seluma

The Seluma Dam stocks its water from the river of Seluma, the biggest river that flow across Tais - the capital of Seluma Regency - from the upstream part of Seluma to the sea.

two stages spillway that gave an amazing water flow image

The dam is typically a gravity dam with two stages spillway. With this design, not only the dam looks so tough, but also beautiful too.

The water gate of Dam of Seluma

The beauty of the dam has attracted people not only from Bengkulu Province but also tourists from outer Bengkulu to visit this site. The government of Bengkulu itself has declared that this dam is one of important tourism destination in Bengkulu.

Beautiful two stages water fall

For the people around the Dam, this Dam also gives another joyful activity such as fishing. There are many big fishes ready to be catched there.

An old fisherman is waiting his net at the pier of Seluma Dam

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Bengkulu - Indonesia

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