Walking on the Coral Reef at Bengkulu City Beach

This is not an everyday scenery in Bengkulu city beach. The coral reef around Bengkulu City especially the northern part of Pantai Panjang Beach to Sumur Melele beach Bengkulu Indonesia sometimes seem to emerge to the sea surface caused by the low tide that comes lower than usual. The scenery of emerging coral reef, not only bring the fascinating panorama of Bengkulu beach, but also attracting people to go to the beach searching some sea product such as oysters, crabs and shells.
All the images in this post is taken around midday at Sumur Melele beach when this lower tide happens.

The coral reef of Sumur Melele beach is interesting, not only because it is very wide, but also the reef high is almost the same until the edge of it at the sea. It gives a flat passage to the sea. Walking on this reef make us feel like walking on the water of the sea. The coral reef of Sumur Melele beach is about 300 meters wide, so we can go as far as 300 meters toward the sea.

On this reef, people can see the under water scenery around the reef, its clear and has many kinds of sea species there. Some of sea species sometimes is trapped at the small pond like at the reef surface such as crab, sea star, shell and others. It gives a joyful activity on that reef, not only for children but also for adult.

When the reef emerged, the beach looks wide, almost all people who pass the street at the side of this beach will stop by and go down to the beach to walk on the coral reef.  If they do not find anything to bring with after walking around this reef, at least they will feel fresh and relaxed after looking at the scenery and the coral life.

And, the most of it, it is really bring the fishing hobbyist to fish here, at coral reef of Sumur Melele Beach Bengkulu Indonesia...

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