The Largest Flower in the World : Rafflesia Arnoldii from Bengkulu - Indonesia

rafflesia arnoldii
Rafflesia Arnoldii the biggest flower originated from Bengkulu-Sumatra-Indonesia

Have you ever seen the biggest flower in the world ???. Well, i'm so lucky to be able to see this october blossom of Rafflesia Arnoldi. On October 9th, 2011, i had the occasion to visit the site of Raflesia Jungle at Bukit Daun protected forest, in the regency of Kepahiang Bengkulu Province. This is my first time in life to see lively the biggest flower in the world which happen to be only in my Province, Bengkulu-The Land of Rafflesia.The site is situated about 50 kilometers from the capital city Bengkulu, or about 60 minutes drive.

Fortunately,  there a  Raflessia Arnoldi Flower was in blossom when i visit there.  Even it has bloomed for 7 days, but the greatness and the beauty of this giant flower is still exist. The tourist guide to the flower told me, that if i come in the next 3 days, the flower has no longer able to  show its beauty. The best time to see it is about 3 days after it bloom, and it last for about 7-10 days.
According to what i've read, it says that Rafflesia arnoldii is a parasitic plant, without roots or leaves. The main body of the plant resides inside the host plant. The only visible parts are the flowers, which burst through the host plant’s bark as compact buds, and later the fruits. The flowers are up to 1 m in diameter, and their flesh is reddish-brown with white spots.  Well, that's the theory that i want to discuss in another occasion, but now let's take a look at this images of the remarkable flower....The Rafflesia Arnoldii from Bengkulu - Sumatra Island -Indonesia land.

rafflesia arnoldii bengkulu indonesia
A one meter diameter Rafflesia Arnoldii that bloom at October 2, 2011- huge and beautiful
When fully blossom, one healthy condition  rafflesia arnoldii can reach the diameter more than 1 meter
At the rightmost is the bended root of Tetrastigma,  the plant that climb with tendrils and have palmately compound leaves. It is known that this plant is to be the solely host of Rafflesia Arnoldii. 
A bulb is seem to grow  at the upper part root of the tetrasigma plant. According to the rafflesia keeper, this bulb will be bloom in the next two months. That is in December. In the December of this year,  it is estimated at least 2 or 3 of this giant flower will blossom. 
The foetid smell of the flowers attracts carrion-flies (of the genera Lucilia and Sarcophaga)
what a paradise for the flies...smelly but beauty..:)
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