Nights in Bengkulu along Tabot Festival

Night of "Tabot Besanding"  (Tabots Gathering)

Along the tabot festival in Bengkulu, the night is becoming brighter, more colorful and crowded of visitors. This is because there is always something new, something different in each night along those ten nights of Tabot Festival. If you lose one of them, you cannot find it again in other night until next year festival.

I my self missed some nights which i found out later i just missed some good event such as dol (big traditional drum) contest, menjara (visiting tabot groups and doing a dol contest at the visiting group place), lanterns contest and many others. But, at some nights that i attended, i really entertained with those colorful, bright and crowdy night where ten of thousands visitors around Bengkulu gathered in one place in the city of Bengkulu.

Here is some of my photo i took my self at nights in Tabot Festival Bengkulu 2011.

Arena of entertainment at Tapak Paderi Beach

Night Market offering cheap stuffs for family especially for kids

Dance contest

Ikan-ikan (Dancing fish) contest

The beauty of Tabot in the night which attracted ten of thousands Bengkulu people to come

Tabot gathering side by side

But even i did not attend the dol contest at night, i was a little bit entertained by the performance of one group at the closing day of Tabot festival before they discharge the tabot to the place called Kuaro Bela. The performance of this group was taken at the front house of Bengkulu Province Hall.

copyright 2011 Nurul Iman Supardi
Bengkulu - Indonesia

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