Photo Gallery of Historical Places In Bengkulu - The Remains of British Soldiers and Civilians in Bengkulu

Thomas Parr Monument - built in 1808
Thomas Parr Monument - This monument was built in 1808 as the grave for British Resident of Bencoolen (Bengkulu) Thomas Parr who was murdered in December 27 1807 by local civilian as the result of bad relationship between local rulers and EIC (East Indian Company) servants. But as the British administration worried about security of the remain, the remain of Thomas Parr then removed to Fort Marlborough. The monument still stand with its original state altough many big earthquakes happened in Bengkulu from time to time, except that the surrounding of the monument is renovated by Bengkulu's government in 2010

Picture of Thomas Parr Monument taken around 1930
Picture of Thomas Parr Monument taken around 1930 with the capital city of Bencoolen view. Interesting to see from both picture above that the same cart called Delman was being captured in 80 separated years

The old British Cemetery
The old British Cemetery near Fort Marlborough Bengkulu. Many British soldiers and civilians were buried here including 4 sons of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffless - the founder of Singapore

The tallest grave at British Cemetery in Bengkulu
about 7 meters high, consist of 4 British remains

4 British remains in same grave - the tallest grave.
We see that they are still young when they dead.

The grave of Thomas Whittennberry (aged 18 years) dated August 28, 1802 on the left and Edward Atkins Esq (aged 46 years) dated March 28, 1812 on the right.

WM Holloway Grave. Years not mentioned.

An odd symbol of a grave. The symbol of pirate.

Hamilton Monument
This obelisk actually is a grave of Captain Robert Hamilton, who were the commandant of Fort Marlborough. British command of troop and second member of government. This grave separated about 1 km from British Cemetery, and now the position of this grave is on the center of street junction. In his last will Hamilton wrote :  .... I appoint James Moore Esquire and my brother Captain John Hamilton her Guardians and I recommend her to the protection of Mrs. Moor in particular to whom I take the liberty of bequeathing fifty Pound stirling. ...

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