Photo Gallery of Historical Places In Bengkulu - Traces of The British Empire in Bencoolen 1685 - 1825

Fort Marlborough - Bencoolen - Indonesia

Built in 1714-1719 on an area of 44.000 square meters, Fort Marlborough was the second strongest fort built by British in the east after Fort George in Madras, India. The name of this fort  was chosen by Joseph Collet (Appointed Deputy Governor of Bencoolen) in honour of John Churchill, a famous British commandant who was given degree "Duke of Marlborough." Additional construction were made in 1759

The memorials of Thomas Parr and Charles Murray who were killed at a local dispute two days after 1807 christmas day and an unidentified grave.

Inner main gate

Inside Fort Marlnorough Bengkulu

Inside the Fort Marlborough Bengkulu

Inside Fort Marlborough Bengkulu

The north gate

17th century made in England Cannon

 Manufacturer Seal of cannon from the British Era

1874 production of Dutch Cannon. It was a movable cannon with circle track

Millitary Barracks

Inside of prisoner room
Panoramic view  inside of fort marlborough Bengkulu

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