Nights in Bengkulu along Tabot Festival

Night of "Tabot Besanding"  (Tabots Gathering)

Along the tabot festival in Bengkulu, the night is becoming brighter, more colorful and crowded of visitors. This is because there is always something new, something different in each night along those ten nights of Tabot Festival. If you lose one of them, you cannot find it again in other night until next year festival.

Dancing Contest in Tabot Festival 2011

The local dancing contest is one among many events that takes place on Tabot Festival in Bengkulu Indonesia 2011. This contest is joined by many Bengkulu dance groups. Theme of the dance performed by those groups in this contest is related to the tabot ceremony background. The contest was held from November 28 - 29 night of 2011.The performers were amazing. The dancing were ornamented with the amazing Bengkulu percussion music - The Dol- as its music background. The next amazing contest is Dol (music percussion from Bengkulu) contest which will be held on December 2 or 3. Here are some photos of the dancing contest event at Tabot Festival Bengkulu Indonesia.

My shots - Landscape

Landscape Photo Collection I took around Bengkulu Indonesia. Click at the picture to see at larger view.

Tabot Festival In Bengkulu Indonesia

Tabot festival in Bengkulu Indonesia

Once every year of arabic calendar, Tabot festival is held in the city of Bengkulu Indonesia  from 1st  to 10th day of its first month (Muharram).  On  this year (2011) this event will be held  on November 27 to December 6. This festival is so attractive. In ten days in Bengkulu city, there are different rituals will be held to complete the ceremony of Tabot every day. The festival would also feature performing arts, markets, craft fairs, and various competitions such as decorative wagon, Dol (big local drum) contest, regional dance contest, and various other arts events.