Photo Gallery of Pantai Panjang Beach of Bengkulu - Indonesia

Long Beach of Bengkulu : Pantai Panjang
Pantai Panjang Beach is a long clean white sand beach that stretched along 10 kilometers coast of Bengkulu City. This beach is only 2 km from the central city of Bengkulu. Pantai Panjang beach offers many beach experience which made this beach highly preferred by family tourist to come. The city road that run along the beach also give an exquisite experiences for a traveler seeking peaceful and relaxed time at beaches.

Pine trees and  asphalted road along 10km long of the beach
For travelers, motorcyclist or bikers, the experience of riding along the beach gives a comfortable feeling. It is because along the way you can see the white sand beach at one side, and rows of pine trees on the other side.

Long beach canal

Beautiful scenery of Pantai Panjang Beach Bengkulu

Stone path in the around the pine trees
In the woods, you can enjoy walking with fresh beach air in the morning or afternoon along the stone path that stretched for almost 1 kilometers. A lot of people near this beach usually use this path as the jogging track on sunday morning.

Its not just long but also wide beach
Pantai panjang beach is also highly preffered for the kids, since they can perform many activities along the wide and long coast. They can play football or other sports, playing with the sand, building some statue or castle of sand, or they can enjoy the kids facility provided there, such as riding the elephant. 

Elepanth show at Pantai Panjang Beach

Boy playing at Pantai Panjang Beach Bengkulu

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