Six Years Old Girl Got Killed by Sumatran Tiger at Bengkulu Indonesia

Gallery of Bengkulu-Indonesia I A devastating news comes from a small village in Kepahiang regency Bengkulu Indonesia. A Sumatran Tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) is reported by the local newspaper had atacked and killed a six years old girl named Fitriani  in his parents' plantation on Saturday morning November 5th. The attacking of this wild tiger happened while this poor young girl were playing with her brother out side her parent’s hut in her father’s plantation.

The father of the victim named Yudin told that the size of the tiger which attacked his daughter was about the size of local cow. He estimated that the lenght of this tiger was about 120 cm length. With the tears in his eyes he told that at that morning  his daughter  along with his son was following their mother to go to their plantation. This plantation located at the forest area in Kepahiang regency. As they arrived to the plantation, his wife then doing some usual farming activities behind their hut while her children playing ball at the front of the hut.

The tiger suddenly appeared from the woods and immediately attacking the victim. Her brother screamed at her mother and ran to the hut. Their mother tried to ran after the tiger, but she failed. Along with her son, she then  ran to nearby village asking for help.Not long after, the police came and visited the location of attacking. Along with the police, the father of the victim also searched for the tiger. But they cannot find the tiger, the only they found was the dead body of the victim about 50 meters from the hut. The left leg of the victim was missing that probably had eaten by the tiger. The victim body then were evacuated immediately and buried at the nearby village”.

Supartono, Head of Administration of Bengkulu Natural Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA) confirmed that he has accepted the report about the girl who was attacked and murdered by the Sumatran Tiger. He said the report the death of a child due to tiger attack is received from BKSDA officers of Kepahiang resort. "It happened on Saturday (5 / 11) morning when the victim were playing with her  brother outside the hut and a tiger suddenly appeared from the woods and immediately attacking the victim," he explained.

Supartono said that BKSDA has taken some actions pertaining this matter. He said Forestry Police were investigating whether or not the hut was located inside the Bukit Daun protected forest. If the attack occurred outside the park boundaries, the tiger would be tracked down and relocated.

The conflict between human with tiger is getting intense in Bengkulu lately. On September 9th of this year a farmer were found dead in his coffee plantation in Southern Bengkulu regency caused by tigger attack. In 2011 there are more than seven cases of conflict between humans and tigers had been reported in five regency in Bengkulu Province namely Lebong, Seluma, North Bengkulu, Kaur and Southern Bengkulu. As a result of the conflict there were two people became victims and two tigers were forced to evacuate and translocated toTambling Conservation Park, Lampung.

The Jakarta Globe

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