Photo Gallery of Capital City of Bengkulu Indonesia

The Horse Statue at Simpanglimo 
Bengkulu City is the capital of Bengkulu Province - a province that situated at the west coast of Sumatra Island. This city is a small town with the population around 300.000 people. Even it just a small town, but the history of Bengkulu is cited in international old document as the part of area included in Anglo-Dutch treaty 1824 (Tractat of London). Before the treaty, Bengkulu was the central of British East Indian Company (EIC)trading and garrison in south east Asia. British then built a huge fort -Fort Marlborough- in 1714 the second largest British Fort in Asia.

In the era of Indonesians struggle for independence, Bengkulu was the place to exile the Indonesian patriots such as Sentot Alibasyah and Soekarno - the first President of Indonesia. With its long historical events those took place in this city, has made Bengkulu heritaged many historical artifact and monument from the middle age to independence era.

Dragon Gate to Kampung Cina

Kampung Cina
The downtown of Bengkulu city was surrounding the Fort Marlborough such as Kampung Cina. Now, this place is no longer the economic central of Bengkulu city as the it moves to the southern part of Bengkulu city. But, the remain of its historical place still preserve until now.

Mosque of Jamik. Based on Soekarno's  Architecture Design.

Bank Bengkulu
Residence of Indonesian First President Soekarno while in exile at Bengkulu 1938-1942

Bengkulu city today has become the central city of Bengkulu Province. It is the central for economic, sociocultural and administration of Bengkulu Province. No wonder, this city has many modern facility that make this city is accessible through land, sea and sky transportation.

Suprapto Street

Suprapto Street, the main road of Bengkulu City
Suprapto street is the shopping center in Bengkulu. This road spans along 1 km from Jamik Mosque to Simpanglimo. About 500 meters from Jamik mosque, if  we turn left, we'll meet  Pasar Minggu market, the center of economic activity of Bengkulu's people. In this market, we will find the first Bengkulu' mall, the Mega Mall. Another mall- Bengkulu Indah Mall- is situated near pantai panjang (the long beach).

Bengkulu Indah Mall, supermarket at Pantai Panjang

The Megamall, Bengkulu's supermarket
Bengkulu's most important product is agriculture products such palm oil, rubber, coffee and cacao. Besides, Bengkulu also produces mining products such as coal, iron sand and gold. It makes the shipping facility play an important role to Bengkulu in order to boost its economy. The Bengkulu Harbor the Pulau Baai Harbor is located about 25 km from the central of Bengkulu.

Pulau Baai, Bengkulu Harbor

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