The Amazing Sound of DOL - Traditional Drum From Bengkulu

Dol is a traditional music instrument from Bengkulu-Indonesia. It is a typical of percussion instrument which shaped like a big drum. Dol is made of wood which is pierced in the middle and then covered with cow husk. Its diameter is about 70 - 125 cm, and its beater appliance has 5 cm in diameter and 30 cm in length. The way of using it is by lapping it.

For some time, the only purpose of this instrument is to accompany the Tabot event which is held annually in Bengkulu-Indonesia between 1-10 Muharram (first month of Islamic Calendar) to bring the spirit to all performer and audiences of Tabot event all over the circumtences. And that was an obligation that had to be obeyed according to Bengkulunese tradition. But today, along with the development of new paradigm about this tradition, the prohibition in using the dol outside the tabot festival time is no longer exist. And without the that prohibition, now Dol is getting more popular. This instruments is used so often in all festival or event held in Bengkulu, and really does it bring the spirit to whoever around it. 

You can observe how your spirit arise when watching the performance of Dol - The amazing Drum From Bengkulu at the end of this article.

Heating up the Dol to make a louder and beautiful sound from Dol

Checking the sound tone and level along the heating up process

Here is 3 video example of the amazing performance of Bengkulu's traditional drum : the Dol. In order to feel the rise of spirit, you need to view one video twice at minimum than go to the next video. It is not necessary you view all video, but whichever video you choose, you should view it twice...

So, tell me what is your feeling now?

Copyright: Nurul Iman Supardi


Traditional Dance rehearsal

Dancing Contest at Tabot Festival

Bengkulu Nights at Tabot Festival

Sound of Dol (traditional drum)

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